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The Paramedic

It was the perfect resuscitation.  A video of it could have been used as a training tool showing how everything is supposed to go.  Everyone was in their place, the physician, the nurses, the paramedic, the registration clerk, the chaplain, and the child life specialist.  Every piece of equipment was in perfect working order, in exactly the proper place and ready to go when the child came through the door.  It was perfect.  Textbook perfect.  And yet… the child died.

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To: The Ambitious, From: The Experienced | 26 Letters on Leadership

I have had this dream for awhile, and I’m thrilled to announce it’s officially a reality!

I wondered... what would it look like if I took 26 of the most fascinating people I know and asked them to write a personal story and lesson on leadership? From the instant this project started, I knew we struck gold. The final product? To: The Ambitious, From: The Experienced: 26 Letters on Leadership.

This isn’t your typical leadership book, in fact, it’s designed to be different. I asked people from all walks of life... from an Engineer at Google, to a Cosmetologist and Fitness Icon appearing in magazines across the country to participate. I am thrilled with the results, I think you will be too!

Available December 1st!

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3 Life Lessons I Learned from Ordering Mac & Cheese

How it All Began

Online dating is complicated and obnoxious, but oddly, it is not considered weird… anymore. 

Almost a must in the city I reside in, I initially joined to support a friend who was recovering from a breakup. Like Alice going down the rabbit hole, online dating is now the norm that consumes much of my free time. 

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"The First Time I Had a Fribble®"

You never know what moments will become memories.  That was something my friend, Ellen, taught me.  Admittedly I don’t think it was her intention, but I’ll still give her some credit.  Lord knows I give her enough grief so this should come as a pleasant surprise.

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