What I've Seen

Often times people ask me things like, "Is it really that bad?" or "What's the big deal, everyone does it?" Here's the big deal. Here's why it's really that bad:

I have seen hazing destroy friendships. 

I have seen hazing take a top performing organization and decimate their success. 

I have seen hazing physically, emotionally and mentally harm. 

I have seen stress from hazing cause students to fail. 

I have seen hazing ruin relationships. 

I have seen the hate that hazing breeds. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however. I have seen some pretty incredible things too: 

I have seen courage overpower cowardice. 

I have seen people take a stand. 

I have seen change occur. 

I have seen people reclaim their voice. 

I have seen friendships formed. 

I have seen organizations thrive. 

National Hazing Prevention Week is a time to reflect and a time to act. What have YOU seen? What do YOU want to see? How do we make that happen, together? 

Check out our friends at www.No2Hazing.com to learn more on how you can help prevent and work to eliminate hazing.


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