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The Paramedic

  It was the perfect resuscitation.  A video of it could have been used as a training tool showing how everything is supposed to go.  Everyone was in their place, the physician, the nurses, the paramedic, the registration clerk, the chaplain, and the child life specialist.  Every piece of equipment was in perfect working order, in exactly the proper place and ready to go when the child came through the door.  It was perfect.  Textbook perfect.  And yet… the child died.

      As a paramedic, you see the best and the worst of the world and people.  There are good days and there are… well days like that fateful one.  Days that you wish you had a do-over.  Days that you wish would never happen again.

      I remember that day so vividly.  Each person knew their role and executed it with precision.   The airway was managed, IV lines established, monitors attached, assessment completed, medications administered, labs drawn and sent and CPR started immediately when indicated. 

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