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Folie's Phone Call

“Thank you for calling the Walt Disney Travel Company! This is Britt, how may I assist you today?” 

My very last call of the day began just like every other call I had answered. The woman on the line wanted to book a suite to celebrate her children's birthdays. After reviewing our options, we found the perfect room, tickets, and activities to make it magical for the soon to be 6 and 8-year-olds.

Agreeing to the price, I began to gather the names of each guest that would be staying with us. Mrs. Jessica Barnes, Mr. Brandon Barnes, Miss Isabelle Barnes, age 6… “and the 8-year-old’s name?” I asked.

“Folie, F-O-L-I-E,” Jessica responded.

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3 Life Lessons I Learned from Ordering Mac & Cheese

How it All Began

Online dating is complicated and obnoxious, but oddly, it is not considered weird… anymore. 

Almost a must in the city I reside in, I initially joined to support a friend who was recovering from a breakup. Like Alice going down the rabbit hole, online dating is now the norm that consumes much of my free time. 

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Keep Up The Attitude

Now when you first read "Keep Up The Attitude" I think your mind can take you to a few different places. Originally, I thought about a ride or geeky aggressive attitude yet when I was thinking about what to write about in my in depth piece one story stuck out to me. The attitude here is different. To be honest I think it's more infuriating. More annoying. More... grrr just more...

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Your name is Sam. It’s 10AM and you have just arrived at work on a bright Thursday morning. You sit down in your office, pull up your email, and the first message has the headline: [URGENT] Dapperson File Requested. Your heart starts beating faster, you start to sweat, and your palms feel clammy as you realize you never sent in the Dapperson File yesterday. You knew it was due today before you walked into your office. You knew that your team asked you to turn it in because you’re reliable. Most importantly, you knew that this was not good. Luckily, you have an ace up your sleeve: You can lie...

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4 Leadership Qualities to Focus on for #GivingTuesday

In a leadership role we understand there is a lot to manage, and we also understand there is a lot of giving and taking. You’re giving ideas, inspiration, direction, and encouragement. Really, the list could go on to keep your team steered on the right track and pace. It’s no secret management roles are complex. But all those things considered, a lot of that is to accomplish a given goal or task that in return gives you the victory, and you the pleasure of knowing you have guided a successful team.

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Raise Your Voice

I don't know if it was growing up in New York, being Italian, or the atmosphere around me at the time, but when I was in school I remember always thinking that the loudest person was the strongest and in turn the leader of the group.  As I progressed through grammar school into high school and then college my perception of what it meant to be a leader and how a group selects theirs changed...

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