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For Immediate Release: Who is Sean Ryan?

We are so thrilled to announce today, February 7, 2018, Sean Ryan has joined the ARC Team.

Sean Ryan has been in the realm of leadership development, and working with teams for nearly a decade.  One of his passions is taking back the story of Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Rather than sitting back and allowing the media to control our narrative, Sean Ryan works to empower students to author a more authentic portrayal of our communities.  As a graduate student at The University of Iowa, he joined Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) as a founding father where he learned the value of student organization membership.  His accolades and certifications are too numerous to count but here are a few that are sure to impress: certified mediator, Myers Briggs/MBTI practitioner, and low ropes challenge facilitator.

One of the strengths behind Sean Ryan's ability to effectively facilitate and lead is his dynamic and extensive experience.  He has worked at numerous institutions including; The University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, Longwood University and Dickinson College where he currently serves as Associate Director of Fraternity Life and Experiential Leadership Education (if you think the title is long, you wouldn't believe his job description!)  In each of those roles Sean Ryan has found a way to impact students, influence change, and foster growth.  

With Sean Ryan we also introduce a new program, BURNED | Ego + Consequences.

When Sean Ryan was 16 he became a firefighter, and his plan was to spend his life-saving lives.  In this thrilling, thought-provoking and surreal presentation, Sean Ryan covers the darkest side of ego and it's deadly consequences.  While most 18-year-olds are learning about the price of their actions through a failed test or a lost championship game, Sean Ryan found himself inside a burning building with 120 seconds of oxygen left to survive.

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