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To work as my personal assistant, takes patience, can I just leave it at that? To be honest, for Kristen, reading that sentence probably took patience. The fact of the matter is Kristen never has been my assistant, though I've offered the position numerous times.

Kristen has served as the Brand Architect essentially since day one. Not the original day one, but I feel like ARC's first real day one. Before her, we had a free one-page site that lacked energy, messaging, emotion... the list goes on. Kristen taught me everything I know from fast following to inbound marketing.

As my team knows, I'm a night owl. The random thoughts you get about how to improve your company or processes? I get those too, but at 3:47 AM. Depending on daylight saving (she's in Phoenix) that can mean an even later call for her.

The calls are never just calls, it's always a FaceTime video call because I need to convey the energy in my idea. They usually start by me saying "I need you to HubSpot this". If you're thinking to yourself "what does that mean?" it's okay... the sentence doesn't really make sense. HubSpot is a marketing software, and Kristen is HubSpot certified (a fact I'm sure she regrets ever telling me). Though she has spent years trying to explain to me that "HubSpotting" something wasn't real, she patiently allows me to explain my elaborate ideas.

Though I'm sure she would love to, Kristen doesn't just hang up or say "yeah, yeah, yeah okay". She listens and provides feedback. She tells me the steps I'd need to take to make them happen, and how feasible they are.

She is always honest about the feasibility, though she knows the more unrealistic, the more interested I become.

Patience is something I firmly believe cannot simply be taught, it must be observed. It wasn't until I saw Patience day in and day out exhibited by Kristen that I truly began to appreciate the need for it.

Kristen, thanks for being Patient with me.

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