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Ignore Your Team

Being a leader means you were given the opportunity to work with and lead a team. With this responsibility comes great power (Note: yes, that was a Spider-Man reference), someone saw potential in you and that’s why YOU were given the opportunity to lead.

One of the biggest responsibilities a leader gets to strive for is igniting change and achieving a vision. You, and you only, were given the chance to create the ideas, spark the revolution and bring what’s needed to the table – not the people on your team! If those around you had better ideas and more potential than you, then they would’ve been the chosen one. But they weren’t, because you are simply the best. The one at the top of their game shouldn’t have to listen to the sub-par thoughts and opinions of those beneath them.

Your past should speak for itself. You have gotten this far and you know what it takes to get to the next level. The proof is in the books that you can accomplish what it takes to get the job done. Your team is there to help you execute, not get in your way. If your team helps you along the way, great! If they stop to ask too many questions, well, who needed them anyway?!

Let's be honest, having more than one vision is just too much. It takes way too much time and energy to focus on multiple views. As your support and your team grows, so does the opposition and contrasting views. To save your valuable time, you might as well trust your instinct and pretend like the others don't exist. Time is money and money equals success.

The biggest reason to ignore your team is to establish your dominance. You are the leader, you are in charge, and you are the brains behind the charge. You were chosen for a reason and you have what it takes to be the best in the ballgame. Giving credit to those around you and incorporating their advice is a sign of weakness.

STOP. Now let’s revisit the subject – How to be: The Worst Leader Ever.

If you want to be the worst there ever was, go ahead and ignore your team. If you want to become a successful leader that knows how to inspire action, stop ignoring what your team has to offer.

Your team is made up of people who have diverse experiences and different viewpoints. You may want to make a futuristic decision, but your teammate can point out how it will effect a certain demographic that you may not have thought of before.

The environment you are trying to lead in is constantly changing and you aren’t able to see everything. Surrounding yourself with people who have innovative ideas and a variety of experiences (and might even know more than you!) is the hidden key to unlocking success.

Incorporating different views should not be a challenge. It should not be a “Trump vs Hillary” all-out brawl to see who comes out on top. But rather it should be submissions of facts and ideas to increase collaboration and open the possibilities of how people can see just one task. You need to stop seeing opinions from your team as opposition when in reality it can be your biggest asset. 

We thought of the top 10 things you can do to be the most hated and least effective leader possible. So, we created an "anti how-to guide". What you read today on ignoring your team is just one part in our 10 part series.




Zach Vasseur graduated from Drake University with a degree in Business Management. At the university he went on to become a founding father for his fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega. After graduation he went on to become a Growth Consultant for ATO. He has helped start multiple chapters across the nation and aided in the recruitment efforts of many other chapters.