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"Do. Or Do Not. There Is No Try."

You think you know what commitment is, but you have no idea.

On our ship, there was a young married couple, Nathan & Hannah.  Before you assume where this is going… you don’t.  This has nothing to do with weddings or marriage.  It is solely about the commitment I’ve seen these two-incredible people make to their lives and their professions.

Let’s start with Hannah.  The first thing I heard about her was when someone else on the trip told me, “she’s gorgeous, like a model.”  Now I’ve seen my fair share of beautiful people, so I just nodded, “okay” I said.  “No, like gorgeous gorgeous.  Like she’s literally in SHAPE magazine this month.”  My attitude changed instantly.  “Well damn, as if I wasn’t already going to feel like a beached whale on at times!”

I met Hannah, and immediately was stunned. Not just by her beauty, but by her humility.  Yes, she was in SHAPE magazine and had several other notable credits under her belt, you know basic stuff like: serving as the fitness expert on the advisory board for Cosmopolitan Magazine, contributing to Women's Health Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Fitness Magazine, Health Magazine, and Yahoo Health to name a few, yet Hannah was nothing I expected.  She wasn’t self-absorbed, vapid or condescending.  She was hilarious, outgoing and had probably the biggest heart of anyone on the trip.

Okay, those are the things I loved (and still love!) about Hannah.  There were also things I hated.  Like… she tricked me into the most intense ab workout of my life.  We were on the upper deck of the catamaran and we choreographed a dance to the music.  You have to see it to appreciate what I mean.  Check it out here.

While most of us focused on doing nothing, Hannah found ways to stay active.  She kept her workouts going, and ate in moderation… while I constantly ate for a family of 6.

Okay, let’s get to Nathan.  Nathan is a musician.  He is incredibly talented.  I wish I could put more stock into those words, but nothing that I can think to write appropriately sums up how talented he is.  His instrument of choice is the saxophone.  Just kidding!  I’d give anything to have seen the look on Nathan’s face as he read that.  His specialty is the trumpet.

I don’t want to say I’m as good as Nathan… but I was in the percussion ensemble in 7th grade.

Every day, for hours, Nathan would go to his cabin and practice practice practice.  To be honest, it was amazing to have live music every day, but what was more amazing was his commitment to his work.

You see, Hannah and Nathan both made decisions years before they met.  Certainly, years before this trip occurred.  Nathan committed himself to music, Hannah to fitness. 

They never missed a day.  They never complained about their work.  In fact, they shared their work with all of us.  I like to consider myself determined but meeting them taught me that there’s so much more to being determined than simply trying.  As Yoda famously said, “Do. Or do not. There is no try.”

Hannah doesn’t try to be a fitness guru.  Nathan doesn’t try to be a fantastic musician.  They both put in the work and effort, and continue to achieve their goals.  I’m glad they taught me so much, and so appreciative that I can call them friends.

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