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Be Juvenile

One of the things that separates this topic from some of the others is that there is a nearly endless list of traits or actions that fall under being Juvenile.  Most (if not all) of them make you a poor leader.

I want to take a moment to cover 5 things that are considered being Juvenile that you should not do if your goal is to be an effective leader.

1.  Be Impulsive

A calm cool and collected leader takes a breath and thinks the next step through.  It may only be for a few moments if time is of the essence but nevertheless, they process their options.  On the other hand, someone who lacks impulse control will just jump to decisions or speak recklessly.

2.  Blame Someone Else (or take undue credit)

When things go awry it can be easy to point fingers at other people to protect your own image, reputation, ego, etc.  A great leader takes the responsibility when things go wrong and give credit where it is deserved.

3.  Demand the Spotlight

Being in the limelight isn't necessarily a juvenile thing in and of itself but demanding that you're always the center of attention is.

4.  Gossip

Not only is gossiping inappropriate and immature it can put you in some hot water too.  Issues can arise within HR and legally as well.  Libel and slander are nothing to joke about and neither is something damaging about someone else that you may consider sharing. 

5.  Bully

As children we sometimes put others down to feel better about ourselves.  The problem with that last sentence?  It's inaccurate.  We as a society often like to tell ourselves that only children bully, in reality, adults and teens are just as guilty.  Bullying is not acceptable and has more negative impacts than you may realize.  If you're a bully, stop.  Just stop.

We thought of the top 10 things you can do to be the most hated and least effective leader possible. So, we created an "anti-how-to guide". Today's post touches on point #6--Be Juvenile. Interested to learn what the others are? Subscribe to The Growth Blog and you'll receive your free copy of The Pocket Guide: How To Be The Worst Leader Ever.