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4 Ways to Learn Something New Without Going to Class

Martha Stewart

The possibilities are endless with Martha.  Hear me out.  Yes, you can learn how to debone a chicken, make homemade soup, decorate for the holidays and plan the perfect wedding but there is so much more.  Martha completely renovates houses and more badassery.  She can teach you not only how to grow an herb garden in your kitchen but show you how to install the skylights as well.  If nothing else, you can start with her basic cooking school.  I can’t imagine any of your friends being upset when she teaches you how to make the best macaroni and cheese you’ll ever have! Oh and you’ll learn the history of how it came to be a classic in American homes as well.


Think of AsapSCIENCE as Science summer camp, meets Bill Nye with a whiteboard and markers.  I love this channel because they cover so many different topics and the videos are entertaining and engaging.  You can learn about botany and the recent discovery that plants might feel pain… what would happen if a major asteroid hit the earth…  how your brain reacts to LSD… how many Doritos you need to eat to die… and so much more.  If nothing else you can have a flashback and watch their most viewed video about the infamous dress.

Self Defense

I stumbled upon this site not too long ago and it fascinates me.  Self defense isn’t necessarily a new topic but this site shows dozens of scenarios and how you can defend yourself.  While it covers the overarching topics you might expect, like what to do if someone wants to start a fight and how to protect your face it also shows your some potentially life saving tactics in other (albeit less likely) scenarios.  Things like: how to avoid getting knocked out with a baseball bat, what to do if someone pulls a knife on you or how to disarm someone pointing a gun at you.  I want to stress here that just because you watch some of these videos you shouldn’t try them out in real life.  Here’s one of their most popular trainings on how to get out of a headlock.

Become Financially Literate

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) exists to help you with… well exactly what the name implies.  They fight for your rights as a consumer. One of the most beneficial things they offer is seemingly endless education on financial literacy.  Everything from how to save money for emergencies to knowing your rights when a debt collector comes looking for you.  While it might not be the sexiest or most interesting topic, financial literacy can be the difference between your independence and dependence on others.  You can find some of their educational webinars here.