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4 Leadership Qualities to Focus on for #GivingTuesday

In a leadership role we understand there is a lot to manage, and we also understand there is a lot of giving and taking. You’re giving ideas, inspiration, direction, and encouragement. Really, the list could go on to keep your team steered on the right track and pace. It’s no secret management roles are complex. But all those things considered, a lot of that is to accomplish a given goal or task that in return gives you the victory, and you the pleasure of knowing you have guided a successful team.

So, on a day like Giving Tuesday, where people globally are encouraged to focus on what they can do for others, we thought we would offer a few tips on how, as a leader, you can continue to give to your team, but maybe this time it doesn’t offer you a direct award.

1.      Be sure to have a cause outside of your organization

Encourage your division to be involved in something outside the ‘office’. Whether they donate their time as individuals or you create this opportunity as a team building experience, inspire them to focus on a charitable cause no matter how big or small it may be. Studies have shown, individuals who participate in charitable causes are more likely to feel motivated in other aspects of their life.

2.      Be their ‘leader’ in this as well

Supply your team with ideas and options of how they can get involved. As mentioned in bullet 1, you can make this a group effort and organize the entire event. Or, if you are connected with each member well enough, you may be able research and suggest specific organizations or affairs they can join that relates to their interests or characteristics.

3.      Embrace all 4 seasons of giving

You’re thinking “This is great advice! I’ll be sure to research things now!”

Well, we are happy to assist you with that. Check out to read more on how you can donate your time/money during the holiday season. It offers you a user-friendly way to find out what events or organizations are near you.

While #GivingTuesday is a fantastic resource, maybe challenge yourself to suggest these charitable behaviors year round. It is understandable for this to be a more difficult thing to propose outside the holiday season with deadlines, quarterly reviews, school finals etc. But remember, there are plenty of causes that would love for extra hands, money, or time 365 days a year.

4.      Share the stories, but don’t gloat

People love to watch people. So be sure to share your team’s charitable experiences with others. It may be classroom talk, an email blast, a staff meeting comment, or even a few things to post on your social media. Be sure to push these “feel good” stories outside your division, because you never know—it may inspire others to follow the example.

That all in mind, take this approach lightly. No one wants to be that “self-satisfied” person bragging and taking away from all the good you and your team have just done.