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New Year, New Friend, New Lesson

Why can't the everyday be extraordinary? Why not make celebrating each other the ordinary?

That was a lesson, an incredible one, I learned from my new friend, Chantel.

Chantel doesn't celebrate holidays. The perfect Christmas tree isn't hunted in December, Thanksgiving is just another Thursday, and birthdays aren't acknowledged.

While this original gave me pause, I think Chantel appreciates others and their friendships more authentically than anyone I've ever known.

I (like many of you) have been groomed my entire life to follow socially expected timelines and milestones. On someone's birthday, I get them a card and a gift. On the 4th of July, we have a BBQ, and so on. We do these things because... it's just what you do.

For Chantel, Black Friday isn't spent maxing out credit cards, and she doesn't wait for Valentine's Day to show her affection. If she loves you on a rainy Monday, she tells you.

Rather than wait for a reason to show someone she cares, she simply cares.

At first, I thought it was both enlightening and to be honest, exhausting if not intimidating. Holidays allow us to compartmentalize pieces of our identity. The core of our emotions is oftentimes locked away, waiting for the right date to present itself.

This year, I want to be more like Chantel, and I challenge you to as well.

Give someone a card, just because you can. Tell someone you love them today, don't wait for the calendar to tell you to do so. Give a thoughtful present anytime, not just in December. Love more passionately, care more authentically.

This blog is my first step in acknowledging someone who has made an impact in my life, someone I deeply appreciate.

Chantel, thank you.

PS - to help you celebrate people in your life we've created some free card printables, snag yours here!