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Be an Informed Voter

Our CEO, Jordan, was recently talking to our team about the importance of voting and the need for everyone to take part in the upcoming elections.  When we started asking our friends, clients, and families why they weren't voting we found one resonating response "I don't know enough to make an informed decision."

With the problem identified, we reached our to our resident Election Expert, William.  William told us:

"Voting is the most important (and easiest) form of civic engagement there is in our country. Without my vote or yours our leaders would be directionless. There is no clearer indicator of acceptance/rejection of ideals than what Americans exclaim from their voting booths. I want others to vote because I know that when Americans speak out then our leaders listen more so than they do to protests, calls, letters, emails, or any other form of communication with constituents. It is incredibly likely that the 2018 midterms will bring more voters to the polls than any midterms in recent history, so get out there and play your part in the governance of our great country"

With his help we created an Election Guide, and it's yours for free!  Once you've become more informed, VOTE and then wear your "I Voted" sticker with pride.