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Wake-up call, it's not all about you!

I know it sucks to hear, but we both know it's true. You might be insulted by the title of this post, or you might be thinking "this isn't news, why are you sending me this?"

The fact of the matter is, when we're this direct about it, it's obvious and makes sense. I'm sure we're in agreeance but now I want you to think, how easy is this to accept when we think our world is crashing around us?

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Be an Informed Voter

Our CEO, Jordan, was recently talking to our team about the importance of voting and the need for everyone to take part in the upcoming elections.  When we started asking our friends, clients, and families why they weren't voting we found one resonating response "I don't know enough to make an informed decision."

With the problem identified, we reached our to our resident Election Expert, William.  William told us:

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Folie's Phone Call

“Thank you for calling the Walt Disney Travel Company! This is Britt, how may I assist you today?” 

My very last call of the day began just like every other call I had answered. The woman on the line wanted to book a suite to celebrate her children's birthdays. After reviewing our options, we found the perfect room, tickets, and activities to make it magical for the soon to be 6 and 8-year-olds.

Agreeing to the price, I began to gather the names of each guest that would be staying with us. Mrs. Jessica Barnes, Mr. Brandon Barnes, Miss Isabelle Barnes, age 6… “and the 8-year-old’s name?” I asked.

“Folie, F-O-L-I-E,” Jessica responded.

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How Not to Get Burned as a Leader: Lessons from the Fire Service

I have been a firefighter since the age of 16 and it wasn't recently until I learned what the fire service has taught me revolving around being a leader, and who I am as a person.  I owe this blog to the men and women of the Farmville Fire Department for truly showing me what it means to be a leader, a follower, and a being apart of a team that means so much to me...

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For Immediate Release: Who is Sean Ryan?

We are so thrilled to announce today, February 7, 2018, Sean Ryan has joined the ARC team.

Sean Ryan has been in the realm of leadership development, and working with teams for nearly a decade.  One of his passions is taking back the story of Fraternity & Sorority Life.  Rather than sitting back and allowing the media to control our narrative, Sean Ryan works to empower students to author a more authentic portrayal of our communities.  As a graduate student at The University of Iowa, he joined Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) as a founding father where he learned the value of student organization membership.  His accolades and certifications are too numerous to count but here are a few that are sure to impress: certified mediator, Myers Briggs/MBTI practitioner, and low ropes challenge facilitator...

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