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We have created an incredibly unhealthy environment.  One in which the constructs of masculinity are defined by dictated social norms, rather than innate qualities.  Men are trained to be unemotional, violent, aggressive (sexually and otherwise), homophobic, misogynistic, and to never ask for help.

The goal of SHIFT isn't to reprimand men for being men, rather it's about dismantling the unrealistic and hurtful expectation society places on them.

This engaging program covers various theories including Muted Group Theory and demystifies Agentic vs Communal Stereotyping.




After attending participants will be able to:

  • SHIFT the conversation college students are having about what it means to be a man

  • SHIFT their understanding of what it means to appreciate individuals and their identity

  • SHIFT their actions away from creating cultures of toxicity

  • Identify Muted Group Theory

  • Differentiate between Agentic and Communal traits